Follow Phishing Trends Automatically

December 17, 2020

Why spend time reading up on new phishing trends when Graphus can do it for YOU?

Running a business is hard work. Between keeping up with the day-to-day responsibilities, dealing with this turbulent year, and trying to plan for the future, you barely have time to study the trends in your primary area of expertise right now, let alone take a deep dive into cybersecurity specialties like phishing trends.

That’s one reason why Graphus is a great choice to add phishing protection for your business. By including Graphus in your cybersecurity plan, you’re not only putting three extra layers of protection between a malicious email and a staffer’s inbox, but you’re also choosing to add a tool that will keep an eye on phishing trends for you – taking one more thing off your list.

  • Graphus uses smart AI with an algorithm so unique that it’s patented to study your company’s distinctive communication patterns.
  • It analyses your incoming communications and how communications move through your company.
  • As your company grows and flows, so does Graphus – it keeps learning and evolving with your business.
  • You never need to update it – smart technology means that it is self-updating and grows better with time instead of obsolete.
  • Graphus deploys quickly and seamlessly integrates with Office 365, Gmail, and other business applications with no special technical knowledge required to set it up.
  • Protection starts on Day 1 and grows more precise as it learns your business and your unique threat picture.

3 Layers of Safety in 1 Solution

You don’t need to worry about adding solutions to take care of potential phishing threats coming in through new means, either. Graphus not only keeps learning to keep up with current trends, but it also uses that knowledge to evolve, adjudicate new phishing attack styles coming in, and react accordingly through its 3 layers of strong protection:

  • TrustGraph® automatically detects and quarantines malicious messages that slip through your email security platform or existing Secure Email Gateway(SEG), so the intended end-user never even sees them.
  • EmployeeShield® alerts recipients of a potentially suspicious message to potential danger they might not expect by placing a warning notice atop unusual messages to allow users to quarantine it or mark the message as safe.
  • Phish911™ makes it easy for staffers who spot a dodgy looking message to send it straight to an administrator in one easy step to avoid having to handle it at all and prevent accidents.

Hard Numbers Tell the Truth: Phishing is Today’s Top Cybersecurity Threat.

It’s no secret: over 80% of all cyberattacks are phishing attacks. About 90% of incidents that end in a data breach start with a phishing email – and a phishing email is the delivery vehicle of choice for today’s biggest cybersecurity scourge, ransomware.

So what’s the fastest way to prevent a staffer from making that one fatal click on a malicious email loaded with ransomware or another disastrous threat? Stop that email from ever reaching an inbox with Graphus – because there’s no time to lose when a phishing email is headed your way.