3 Unexpected Phishing Scams Graphus Defends Against

January 07, 2021

See How Graphus Protects Your Business From Unexpected Phishing Scams

Phishing is today’s biggest cybersecurity threat. From SMS and messaging threats to high-quality email campaigns targeting executives, no company is immune to it – just ask Twitter. That’s why adding automated phishing protection from Graphus is such a smart idea. The 3 layers of defense that Graphus places between a phishing email and your business bolster your defense immediately and the smart AI keeps providing you protection as it evolves. protecting you from new threats – including phishing scams that you might not be expecting.

Phishing Scams Disguised as Security Training Notices

Everyone expects to receive messages notifying them of requirements for training updates. But those emails might be a trap – fake security training notifications are a creative tool that cybercriminals are using to phish for employee information and login credentials. Because staffers are unlikely to know what platform or program is used for training, this devious attack can draw in even the most cybersecurity conscious employees.

How Graphus Protects Your Business

Graphus never stops learning. When Graphus sees a suspicious email about a subject like training, it knows that it is a trick and traps it accordingly. With TrustGraph, Graphus automatically detects and quarantines malicious messages that slip through your email security platform or existing Secure Email Gateway(SEG), so the intended end-user never even sees them.

Phishing Scams Featuring Spoofed Messages from Government or Official Organizations

One favored tactic of bad actors these days is to create false emails from sources that staffers would see as trustworthy and interact with without thinking about it too much. Just this spring, an epidemic of phishing emails was going around as cybercriminals posed as the World Health Organization, sending people official-looking COVID-19 maps that were really malicious attempts to steal credentials and deploy ransomware.

How Graphus Protects Your Business

Graphus knows when an unexpected “official” email is fishy because it learns each company’s unique communication patterns to ferret out unexpected official messages. EmployeeShield alerts recipients of a suspicious message to potential danger they might not expect by placing a warning notice atop unusual messages to allow users to quarantine it or mark the message as safe.

Business Impersonation Phishing Scams

As companies get serious about phishing defense, cybercriminals are getting serious about crafting believable attack emails too. Fueled by Dark Web data, these messages give every indication of being from trusted senders, like service providers that your company uses regularly, vendors that you’ve purchased from in the past, or the company’s bank. But as you look more closely, something about the message just doesn’t quite sit right.

How Graphus Protects Your Business

Graphus makes it simple for staffers to isolate and report messages that don’t seem to be on the level. Phish911™ empowers employees who spot a dodgy looking message that they’re not sure about, whether it’s an official letter or a new product ad, to send it straight to an administrator in one painless step to quickly seek guidance and prevent accidents.

Phishing Scams Don’t Stand a Chance Against Graphus

It’s no secret: over 80% of all cyberattacks are phishing attacks. About 90% of incidents that end in a data breach start with a phishing email – and a phishing email is the delivery vehicle of choice for today’s biggest cybersecurity scourge, ransomware. Adding automated phishing protection with Graphus is a crucial step to prevent your business from phishing scams that lead to cybersecurity disasters.