4 Reasons Why Automated Phishing Defense with Graphus is a Must-Have

January 20, 2021

Phishing is the root of so many cybersecurity nightmares. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have smart help to fight back against it? Cybersecurity automation isn’t just an intriguing down-the-road idea – automated phishing defense is a necessity for every business right now. Graphus adds crucial protection against today’s biggest threat that gives business owners peace of mind.

Innovations in social engineering are making make it easy for bad actors to mount powerful phishing attacks. But innovation is ready to answer the call on the defensive side of the equation too, and automated phishing defense with Graphus isn’t a futuristic way to guard against phishing attacks that might be nice down the road – it’s an essential safeguard against today’s biggest threat that you can put in place right now, quickly and affordably.

Automation was cited as a key factor for improving cyber resiliency in the latest IBM/Ponemon Cyber Resilient Organization Report. Here’s why:

Every Business Has Different Communication Patterns

Phishing defense is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Every business is unique, with a unique flow of email traffic and level of risk for cyberattacks. Some businesses handle large amounts of external incoming emails, and some handle very little. However your business communicates, it needs a phishing defense solution that can be personalized to fit your needs, and as experts have recognized, Graphus is here to answer the call.

The independent intelligence that Graphus brings to the table is like adding an extra member to your IT security team. The smart AI studies your company’s specific communication patterns to learn what it needs to be watching out for and spot potential threats. Protection starts working from day 1, and Graphus never stops refining that protection. The patented AI evolves with your business, keeping up with changes in your company and changes in cybersecurity so that you can feel confident that your automated phishing defense with Graphus is always ready for the next attack.

Cybercriminals are constantly stepping up their game.

2020 was a banner year for phishing, and 2021 will continue that trend. Bad actors know that they have to keep changing up their approach to successfully land a hit. In a challenging economy, even cybercriminals have to work a little bit harder. So they’re working hard to craft clever, convincing lures, like perfect dupes of major company communications, that slide right through average email security tools to trick users into interacting with them.

The 3 layers of defense that Graphus places between a phishing email and your business come in handy here to protect your business from the consequences of an email gateway that’s just not ready for the newest tricks that cybercriminals are using. Phish911 is important to defend against that because it makes it easy for your staffers to isolate and report suspicious messages, making sure that everyone feels like security is their job too.

Threat intelligence exposes security gaps

It’s not enough these days to be generally aware that cybersecurity challenges exist and that attacks from certain sources are possible. In today’s quickly evolving cybersecurity landscape, you need better data to face dangerous threats like precisely targeted, expertly crafted spear phishing threats.

You have a unique opportunity to get detailed, actionable threat intelligence with Graphus when you choose to include the Graphus Threat Intelligence add-on. When Graphus detects malicious or compromised IP and email addresses, URLs, and attachment hashes used in cyberattacks that target your email users, it notes the information that you need to see for more accurate defensive planning.

Automated cybersecurity solutions reduce both your incident risk and your incident recovery cost

The link between phishing and a data breach is obvious – 90% of cybersecurity incidents that end in a data breach start with a phishing email. Ransomware, password theft, business email compromise: all of these expensive and devastating incidents start with a phishing attempt. Human error is still the number one cause of a data breach, which means the most likely way for that phishing attempt to be successful is if a staffer sees it and clicks on it.

Reduce your chance of suffering a phishing-related cybersecurity incident by reducing the number of potential phishing emails that your staff sees. Graphus instantly puts powerful shields against phishing email in place, including TrustGraph, your first-line defender that automatically detects and quarantines dangerous emails like attempts to deliver ransomware that get through email platform security or an existing Secure Email Gateway (SEG). And if you do have a cybersecurity incident, automation saves you about 50% of the recovery cost.

Phishing Meets Its Match With Graphus

Automation is a powerful tool to prevent phishing from being a drain on your business. By taking the right precautions, like adding strong automated phishing defense from Graphus, you can spend less time worrying about phishing and more time thinking about your business – and isn’t giving everyone a little extra time really what automation is for?

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