Graphus strongly aligned with Gartner’s New Fighting Phishing Report

January 21, 2020

In a recently published report from Gartner, titled Fighting Phishing – 2020 Foresight, the authors, Peter Firstbrook and Neil Wynne, detail the challenges organizations face and also the required solutions needed to fight phishing and social engineering attacks.

The authors discuss how the more recent influx of phishing attacks have caught many anti-spam and secure email gateway solutions by surprise. The attack trends are constantly evolving and it’s difficult for these types of solutions to keep up. The report states that “most implemented secure email gateways (SEGs) are not designed with post-delivery detection and remediation techniques, costing incident responder and email admin time and reducing the feedback loop from end users.” Graphus® on the other hand provides post-delivery detection, remediation, and an instant feedback loop directly from the end users. This closed feedback loop reduces workload for IT/Security staff while improving the detection and accuracy of Graphus® for each one of our customers.

They also mention that “email is not designed to truly authenticate sender identity.” As we’ve discussed in the past, DMARC is not a complete solution when it comes to authenticating senders and it certainly doesn’t address all email-based attack types.  Our patented technology, the TrustGraph® has been designed specifically to address this challenge.


Another key challenge discussed is phishing training and education. The authors believe this is a “good start toward people-centric security,” but the problem lies in current email security solutions. Current solutions don’t provide employees with the proper workflow or indicators of trust when dealing with suspicious emails. Luckily for Graphus® customers, we provide users with EmployeeShield™, which is our active and interactive warning banner. This provides the employees with a warning of a suspicious message and explicitly incorporates their feedback into automated workflow that instantaneously remediates threats.

The authors also mention that cloud solutions are better-positioned to adapt to new threats without requiring upgrading software and appliances and we couldn’t agree more. Graphus® integrates with Office 365 and G Suite at the API level and this is one of the many reasons organizations choose Graphus®