New Integration with BullPhish ID Makes Managing Phishing Simulation Campaigns a Snap

July 28, 2022

A new integration between Graphus and BullPhish ID is here to make anti-phishing training even easier. BullPhish ID, Kaseya’s award-winning security awareness training and phishing simulation solution has introduced the Advanced Phishing Simulations (aka Drop-A-Phish) feature, a major enhancement that leverages a new integration with Graphus to eliminate the need for domain whitelisting and ensure 100% campaign deliverability to end users. 

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This integration makes conducting phishing simulation exercises and security awareness training campaigns easy and fast by removing the need to whitelist sending domains or IP addresses. Instead, the Graphus API gives BullPhish ID the ability to place phishing and training emails directly into end-user inboxes as opposed to sending them through the internet. No competing solution offers this integration. In fact, most phishing simulation training solutions do not have this capability at all, leading to unnecessary delays and payroll hours spent whitelisting sending domains before trainers can start running phishing simulations with their users. 

How to Enable: 

IMPORTANT: You must have subscriptions to both BullPhish ID and Graphus to enable this integration. 

First, log in to Graphus and copy the BullPhish ID API key in the Integrations tab. 

Then, go to BullPhish ID and paste the API key in the Integrations tab. 

Once the API key is verified, BullPhish ID will sync all organizations with domains that exist in both Graphus and BullPhish ID, and for those organizations, whitelisting will no longer be needed. 

Need details? We put together a Knowledge Base article on how to enable this integration. 

Take advantage of the powerful new workflow integration between BullPhish ID and Graphus today. Not only will you benefit from using best-in-class anti-phishing email security and security awareness training and phishing simulation platforms, you will also gain extra time savings and efficiencies from the integration between them. Click here to request a demonstration.

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Take a Two-Pronged Approach to Email Security to Maximize Defensive Advantages 

A strong defense against cyberattacks starts with a strong defense against phishing. Unfortunately, many companies are relying on email security solutions that don’t get the job done. In a new study from Osterman Research, 89% of IT professionals said their organizations had experienced one or more successful email security breaches in the last 12 months. Even more worryingly, less than half of the organizations studied reported that they can block the delivery of email threats. These two solutions can help you build a defense against today’s biggest cyber threats that gets the job done without breaking the bank. 

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Choose Email Security That’s Clearly Better Than the Competition

Why rely on an old-fashioned SEG or standard-issue onboard security in Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace when you can quickly and affordably upgrade to AI-powered, cloud-native security? Graphus deploys in minutes and integrates with major office suites effortlessly, giving businesses an unbeatable edge against today’s biggest threats. In fact, automated security solutions like Graphus catch 40% more phishing messages than any other type.  

Graphus also blocks sophisticated email threats. Graphus’ proprietary technology, TrustGraph, thoroughly analyzes the content of every incoming email an organization protected with the solution receives. Phishing messages are detected and subsequently quarantined. Here’s a look at what Graphus caught in 2021.  

  1. General phishing 55.5%  
  1. Malicious attachments 18.20%   
  1. Business email compromise (BEC) 13.48%  
  1. Executive spoofing 11.88%  
  1. Other 1.04%  

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Phishing Simulations Get Employees in the Game to Defend Against Phishing-Related Cyberattacks 

Untrained employees are highly likely to fall for today’s sophisticated phishing threats. Every day, cybercriminals are flooding inboxes with carefully crafted, socially engineered lures to tempt unwary employees into falling into a cybercrime trap.  Unfortunately, chances are that an employee will fall for the bait – at least one person clicked a phishing link in around 86% of the organizations analyzed in a CISCO study.  

However, it’s easy to put a dent in that number with the right precautions, like conducting phishing simulations for employees. Training employees to resist phishing using phishing simulations works. In a report by Microsoft, analysts determined that when employees receive simulated phishing training, they’re 50% less likely to fall for phishing. BullPhish ID is used by organizations of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. Here is a look at the bait that employees fell for in phishing simulations. 

2021 BullPhish ID phishing resistance training totals    

  • Total number of training campaigns created – 81,484 
  • Total number of phishing simulation emails sent – 2,424,762   
  • Total number of clicks on phishing simulation emails – 106,670 

Top 3 security awareness training courses of 2021 

  1. Phishing: Introduction to Phishing – 150,163 created trainings 
  2. How to Avoid Phishing Scams – 129,666 created trainings 
  3. Phishing: The Dangers of Malicious Attachments – 100,265 created trainings 

Top phishing simulation campaigns that successfully drew employee interaction   

  1. Office 365 – Suspicious Login – 10,879 clicked   
  2. FedEx – Package Delivery – 6,535 clicked   
  3. Google Docs – Invitation to Edit – 4,492 clicked   

Top phishing simulation campaigns that captured credentials & data    

  1. FedEx – Package Delivery – 2,056 captures   
  2. Office 365 – Suspicious Login – 1,736 captures   
  3. COVID-19: SharePoint Webinar – 1,440 captures  

Top 10 industries where employees fell for the bait and supplied their credentials 

  1. High-Tech & IT — 3,755    
  2. Medical & Healthcare — 3,504  
  3. Other — 4647  
  4. Manufacturing — 1,801    
  5. Non-Profit Organization — 1,758   
  6. Education & Research — 1,522  
  7. Finance & Insurance – 1,239  
  8. Business & Professional Services – 1,144  
  9. Retail & Ecommerce — 1,046  
  10. Legal — 704 

Total number of credentials submitted in simulations in 2021 — 23,353 

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 Training Employees to Resist Phishing Goes Hand-in-Hand with a Powerful Phishing Defense Solution 

Graphus’ AI-powered email security is an intelligent defense against email-based threats. Compared to traditional protection or an SEG, automated email security prevents 40% more phishing messages from reaching an employee’s inbox. To further protect against the deluge of harmful phishing emails organizations regularly receive, Graphus AI also collects risk data to analyze each company’s unique communication pattern by adding a triple layer of security.   

  • Before allowing incoming messages into employee inboxes, TrustGraph evaluates them using more than 50 distinct data points. TrustGraph learns from each analysis it performs, storing the information in its knowledge base to improve your security and learn without human intervention.  
  • When an employee clicks on a new communication channel, EmployeeShield displays a bright, prominent box, reminding them to be cautious when dealing with unexpected messages. Each employee may contribute to corporate security by classifying a communication as genuine or malicious with a single click.  
  • Phish911 rounds off the three-tiered security by making it simple for employees to report any questionable communications to the admin. Emails are immediately erased from everyone’s inbox if an employee notices suspicious conduct.   

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