Watch Our MSP Security Roundtables & Product Update Webinar

December 28, 2022

Improve your security knowledge and learn more about how Kaseya’s security solutions can help MSPs secure their customers’ systems and data against cyberattacks with the insight you’ll gain from the webinars in our Security Roundtable series and our Security Product Update webinar! 

The Security Roundtable Series 

Insider Risk 

Insider risk is skyrocketing, up 40% last year. Employees make choices that change the insider risk calculus every day. Sometimes they intend to hurt their employer, but sometimes it’s just an accident. Are you ready to protect your clients from the damage that employees can do? 

In this edition of the MSP Cybersecurity Roundtable, you’ll gain insight into insider risk and how you can mitigate it for your clients. 

Key takeaways include: 

  • What turns an employee into a risk 
  • Red flags that can indicate the presence of a malicious insider 
  • How to minimize exposure to insider risk 
  • How to educate and sell your customers on the importance of credential monitoring, email security and security awareness training 


Compliance GRC 

In many ways, security and regulatory compliance are inextricably linked, which suggests that a breach has far-reaching consequences. Many sectors require organizations to comply with data privacy legislation, and the penalty for noncompliance can be severe. 

In this webinar you will discover: 

  • How MSPs can help clients maintain compliance with new data security regulations 
  • The key role that security awareness training plays in keeping companies safe 
  • Common requirements that SMBs must adhere to 
  • How MSPs can boost their revenue stream by using compliance 


How to Improve Your Incident Response Plan 

According to IBM researchers, a cybersecurity event occurred in just 39% of firms with a formal, tested incident response plan as compared to 62% of those without a strategy. Creating, testing and updating an incident response strategy lowers the likelihood of a business being subjected to a damaging cybersecurity event. 

Watch this webinar to find out how to create a rock-solid incident response plan for your customers. 

You will discover: 

  • How to set your customers up for incident response success 
  • How to prevent incidents through security awareness  
  • How to create stronger compliance programs 
  • How to improve cyber resilience 


How Infrastructure Attacks Can Hurt Every Business 

In today’s interconnected world, taking out one strategic target has a big impact on businesses in every sector, and cybercriminals know that. Through infrastructure attacks bad actors can make quick money, gain powerful tools to raise their chances of success in future attacks like data about operational technology or sensitive customer information that fuels business email compromise operations, and find or create exploitable back doors that facilitate attacks on other organizations. 

You’ll learn: 

  • Which industries are most at risk 
  • How to help your clients prepare for trouble 
  • How to mitigate your clients’ risk 
  • Practical steps to take to avoid infrastructure cyberattacks 


Security Suite Product Update 

Learn About Upcoming Features & Enhancements 

We introduced multiple new features and enhancements for our security products — BullPhish ID, Dark Web ID, Passly and Graphus — that we are excited to share with you. 

In the webinar, our experts discussed: 

  • New product features and enhancements and what they mean to you 
  • A roadmap of each product highlighting how we plan to provide additional value to our customers this quarter and beyond 
  • A recap of each product’s previous quarter releases 


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