5 Must-See Security Reports to Make a Plan for Security Success

December 22, 2022

Strong security is a key element in any growth plan these days. Learning more about what cyber risks to be ready for now and in the near future and how to defend against them will help you avoid cybercrime traps and feel confident that you have the right building blocks in place for growth in 2023 and beyond.  

Kaseya Security Insights Report 2022  

We recently surveyed 675 IT professionals worldwide and prepared a report about their cybersecurity needs and perspective. Don’t miss the must-see data and analysis in this report! We’ve got two ways for you to explore it. An eBook version is available now to download. Would you prefer to watch and listen to an analysis of this report? We’ve got you covered.     

Kaseya Security Insights Report 2022 eBook  

This report gives you a window into the cybersecurity threats that keep business IT professionals up at night. Gain a clear picture of the world of SMB security with this report on SMB security experiences and priorities. You’ll learn:  

  • Which cyberattacks SMBs are most concerned about  
  • What tools they’re using for security  
  • SMB attitudes toward security training, compliance and other hot topics  

Download it now!  

Security Insights Report 2022 Webinar Version  

Watch this webinar recording where our Channel Development Manager, Miles Walker, discussed the key findings of the report.  
Key points of discussion:  

  • What are some of the primary security threats to your organization?  
  • Why conducting security and compliance awareness training is a no-brainer  
  • How dark web monitoring can combat supply chain risks  
  • Why email security is the need of the hour  

Watch now!  

State of Email Security 2022  

It’s a dangerous world out there. Are you ready to defend against today’s biggest threats? Learn more about the threats and trends that are shaping the email security landscape in the State of Email Security 2022 eBook.  

In this eBook, you’ll discover:  

  • The breakdown of the types of email threats that Graphus caught last year  
  • A snapshot of the biggest email security threats businesses are facing right now  
  • An analysis of what’s next, what might influence that calculus, and what you can do to keep organizations safe from email-based cyberattacks  

Download it>>  

The Global Year in Breach 2022  

It’s been a wild year in cybercrime, and it’s not slowing down. Are you ready for what’s next? Our annual cybercrime report is packed with data and analysis that can help you create a strong defensive strategy to keep organizations safe today and tomorrow.  


  • The biggest trends that are influencing cybercrime today  
  • The growth and change in cyber threats like nation-state cybercrime and ransomware  
  • The challenges that IT professionals will face in the future  
  • How to defend against a rising tide of cybercrime effectively and affordably  

Download it>> 

Resources Especially for MSPs 

In addition to the helpful reports above, these two are filled with data that’s especially useful for MSPs to give you insight into the next moves you need to make to grow your business. 

Datto’s Global State of the MSP Report: Looking Ahead to 2023  

Datto surveyed 1,800+ managed service providers (MSPs) worldwide to learn about who they are and what they care about. The result is this excellent report full of data and insights on topics that range from how MSPs run their business, the services they offer, and what is driving growth in today’s changing landscape. We dove into topics such as:  

  • The hybrid workforce (remote + office) and how it is here to stay.  
  • The re-emergence of break-fix as co-managed services, which enables MSPs to get a foot in the door with larger businesses.  
  • The continuing move of client workloads to the cloud by 2023. Strength and continued growth of security needs from ransomware and phishing/email security to further growth offering services around reporting, auditing, training and policy building.  
  • The continuing top challenge facing MSPs – Competition. Exploring the reasons and challenges MSPs have in addressing it.  

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