Graphus awarded a second patent for phishing attacks detection

January 22, 2019

Reston, VA – January 22, 2019PRWeb – Graphus is pleased to announce that the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a 2nd patent to Graphus for detecting sophisticated phishing attacks using self-tuning AI algorithms.

The first Graphus patent was issued for our proprietary AI technology, TrustGraph®, which analyzes interactions between email senders and employees to build sender and recipient profiles and a unique fingerprint of the trusted senders. These artifacts are used by the underlying algorithms to analyze and detect messages that are a threat to an organization.

With over 1.4 million new phishing sites created each month, time is of the essence. Organization’s can’t rely on outdated detection mechanisms such as DMARC or Threat Intelligence to identify these highly sophisticated and zero-day attacks. Graphus is able to detect these attacks and capture end-user feedback through EmployeeShield™, the interactive warning banners applied to suspicious messages. This real-time, automated feedback refines and accelerates the tailoring of detection algorithms to the unique attack surface of an organization.

We are very pleased that our innovation has been recognized by the USPTO, which reviews inventions across continents and technology domains,” stated Manoj Srivastava, Co-founder & CEO of Graphus. He continues, “It validates our unique approach to solving the difficult problem of social engineering attacks.

95% of attacks on enterprise networks are a result of a successful spear phishing attack, which targets the employees – the weakest and most vulnerable part of your business. Arming employees with a simple, powerful, and highly automated solution that leverages AI to detect threats turns the organization’s weakest link into a strength. Being able to capture this real-time feedback directly from the employees drastically reduces IT and security’s workload, saving the organization both time and money, and not to mention protecting them from costly remediation efforts from a successful attack.

About Graphus

Graphus® is industry’s first social engineering defense platform. It provides immediate protection and peace of mind for Office 365 and G Suite users by automatically eliminating social engineering threats – spear phishing, phishing, and business email scams. Simple, powerful, and patented Graphus technology employs artificial intelligence to establish a TrustGraph® between people, devices, and networks to detect threats. Companies can activate Graphus in minutes. Graphus was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Reston, Virginia. Learn more by visiting our website –