Graphus now integrates with Phishing Awareness Training Solutions

January 09, 2019

IT/Security can now leverage Graphus for efficiently managing workload generated by suspicious email reports

Reston, VA – January 9, 2019PRWeb – In our latest release of Graphus® we have implemented several new features and enhancements to our platform and one in particular we are very excited about is the integration with Phishing Awareness Training solutions. Graphus® now integrates with these solutions so whenever an employee reports a suspicious email, it will be automatically analyzed for threat and you’ll be able to view, investigate, and take the appropriate action directly from the Graphus® Portal.

Most phishing training awareness solutions provide employees with a capability to report suspicious emails to their IT/Security team. This results in an overwhelming time-critical workload. IT/Security must analyze an email as soon as it’s reported and act immediately to protect the organization if it is indeed an attack. This presents some unique challenges for the organization. They must dedicate resources standing by, have tools and techniques to analyze, and take instant remediation action. Most organizations are short of resources, don’t have tools and techniques to analyze sophisticated attacks, and it can take days if not weeks to remediate an attack. 

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With Graphus® in place, whenever an employee believes an email is suspicious, and clicks on the “Report Phish” button, an alert is generated within the Graphus® portal. Graphus®, in real-time, analyzes this reported message and determines if this is a threat or not. If a threat, Graphus® labels this as THREAT. If not a threat, Graphus® labels this as NOT A THREAT. Graphus® admins will not only be able to see which alerts are labeled a threat or not, they will also be able to see which employees reported the message, all employees who received the same message, investigate the message, and take remediation action as needed.


Manoj Srivastava stated, “Phishing Awareness Training Solutions have done a tremendous job of educating employees of the dangers of social engineering attacks. This has made the employees super paranoid causing them to report any unwanted message they receive. With this new Graphus capability, organizations can confidently reduce the burden off their IT/Security teams.

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