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October 13, 2022
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The BullPhish ID and Graphus teams are excited to announce new integrations of their respective products with IT Glue. These workflow integrations advance the Kaseya IT Complete vision by making our product modules work together to simplify the lives of our customers. The new integrations greatly simplify the new SMB organization setup and ongoing customer org management within BullPhish ID and Graphus, making them great time savers for MSPs!  

Leveraging the IT Glue API, this integration facilitates customer onboarding onto BullPhish ID or Graphus by importing SMB organizations’ names from IT Glue and creating organizations with the same names on the BPID/Graphus side, reducing the need for manual data entry by the MSP. The SMB organizations will remain linked, so any time an MSP makes changes to the org name on the IT Glue side, the changes will automatically sync to BullPhish ID or Graphus. 

Setting up each module or keeping organization-related data up to date means MSPs must manually update customer data in every module they own, spending a lot of time on redundant tasks. Not anymore!  IT Glue will serve as “the source of truth” and any name changes made to the IT Glue organizations will automatically be reflected on the BullPhish ID/Graphus side.  

Note: Customers must have subscriptions to both IT Glue and BullPhish ID/Graphus to enable the integrations.  

  • First, a customer logs in to their IT Glue account, generates an API key for BPID and/or Graphus and copies it.   
  • Next, they log in to their BullPhish ID or Graphus account, navigate to the Integrations section of the platform, paste the IT Glue API key and click Connect.   
  • When the integration is enabled, IT Glue and BullPhish ID/Graphus organizations with the same name will be automatically linked.  
  • In the event an organization was created with a different name in either of the products, you can still manually link them on the Integrations page.   
  • Graphus only: If a customer wants to create a new organization within Graphus, they’ll have the ability to retrieve organization names and domains from IT Glue on the Graphus Add Organization page. Creating an organization this way will automatically establish a link between the two organizations.  

For details on enabling the Graphus-BullPhish ID-IT Glue integration, refer to this guide

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Refreshed Powered Services Pro Campaigns: Insider Threats – Security & Compliance 

The Insider Threats Pro Campaigns for both Security and Compliance just got a makeover! Utilize the updated content and new graphics from these refreshed campaigns to reinforce the risks posed by accidental and malicious insider threats. 

Insider Threats – Security Campaign 

Get tools and resources that you can use to open a dialogue with your clients and help organizations understand how insiders – employees, contractors, and vendors – can pose the greatest security risk to a business. Learn how to guide your clients into putting measures in place to detect and prevent accidental or malicious insider threats before they result in a cybersecurity incident. 


Insider Threats – Compliance 

Use the materials in this campaign to remind your clients why adherence to regulatory compliance standards should be a top priority for SMBs that want to avoid penalties and potentially reduce their risk for an expensive data disaster. Encourage them to work with you to find potential lapses in regulatory compliance that can result from insider threats and correct those problems fast. 


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NEW CHECKLIST! The Characteristics of a Successful Email Security Solution  

Almost three-quarters of cyberattacks have something in common: Phishing. That makes having strong, smart email security mission critical for every business. So, what should you look for when considering your options for an email security solution that can stand up to today’s flood of sophisticated phishing messages? This checklist has the answers. Use it to make shopping for a new email security solution easier or see if your current solution is really getting the job done. 


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