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Don’t be fooled by digital voicemail phishing attacks

January 21, 2020

We see a variety of advanced phishing attacks on a daily basis. More recently, we’ve seen an uptick in the number of phishing attacks designed to look like a voicemail notification email. The hacker’s goal is to get the recipient to click on the button and login to their account to hear the message. Except […]

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Graphus Awarded Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in Four Categories


Graphus®, a leader in automated phishing defense, announced today they have won Bronze in the 2019 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in four categories – Artificial Intelligence Security, Email Security, Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company (10-49 employees), and Best Cybersecurity Startup (10-49 employees). The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards is an annual competition honoring individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence, […]

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Graphus protects the companies that protect you


Here at Graphus we’ve seen a rapid increase in number of cybersecurity vendors and MSPs/VARs signing up to use Graphus® to protect their own organization from highly targeted, zero-day cyber attacks. We couldn’t be more excited and proud that the vendors that are relied on to protect organizations of all sizes, all over the world, are coming […]

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Sophisticated Voicemail Phishing Attack Detected by Graphus


Recently we detected a voicemail phishing attack where the hacker made adjustments to their attack methods to try slip by detection technologies. These adjustments were smart enough to get past existing security tools such as Microsoft’s ATP, but not Graphus®! The recipients received an email saying they had a voicemail and to login to their […]

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Clever Phishing Attacks using Microsoft Forms Detected by Graphus


Microsoft Forms, formerly known as Office Forms, is an online survey tool that is part of the Microsoft Office 365 product suite. It’s a relatively new product which allows for the creation of surveys, polls, and quizzes. It can be a fantastic way to collect customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction, and much more. It can […]

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Graphus to present at 14th Annual Information Security Conference

AGC Partners is a top technology boutique bank headquartered in Boston and with offices in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Chicago, Dallas and Minneapolis. They focus on M&A and growth equity for enterprises with a value of $50M and above.   Each year, AGC Partners holds an Annual Information Security Conference right before the RSA […]

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Graphus UI gets a makeover!

Our team has been working hard to constantly improve the Graphus® product and our latest release is another example of their excellent work! We are excited to announce that on July 4th, we had a new product release. This release focused primarily on the user interface and mobile compatibility. The new UI is cleaner and better represents […]

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Is DMARC fully protecting your organization from email-based attacks?


Have you implemented DMARC but still experiencing successful cyber attacks? We’ve previously written about why DMARC is not enough when it comes to protecting your organization. This post is going to provide an example of where DMARC failed but Graphus® detected a malicious attack. As discussed in our previous post, DMARC is an email-validation system designed to […]

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Graphus isn’t your grandpappy’s security solution


Attackers are taking advantage of our hurried up, multi-tasking, “I needed that yesterday!” way of life. Today, like many days, Graphus® detected a sophisticated, targeted phishing campaign against one of our clients. The attacker sent these phishing attacks first thing in the morning when people are just opening up their inboxes and are inundated with the […]

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