Why Are Less Than Half of Organizations Using Effective Email Security?

April 21, 2022

Email-related cyberattacks are flooding businesses daily. In a new study from Osterman Research, 89% of IT professionals said their organizations had experienced one or more successful email security breaches in the last 12 months. The number of email security breaches per year that organizations face has doubled since 2019, putting a huge strain on IT teams. Microsoft 365 credential compromise was behind 45% of email breaches studied, up by 49% in the last three years. Drilling deeper, ransomware attacks are up 74% and successful phishing attacks are up 41% in the same period.  All in all, its a pretty dismal picture that illustrates the danger that businesses face in today’s risk landscape.

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Effective Email Security is a Must-Have

But even with elevated risk, too many organizations are using ineffective tools to try and stem the tide of risk. Less than half of organizations reported that they can block the delivery of email threats, removing an essential email security tool from the IT team arsenal. That’s one reason why less than half of organizations rank their current email security solutions as effective. But with budgets tight, can companies really afford to make the switch to a new kind of email security, even if it will be significantly more effective? If they want to prevent security and compliance nightmares like a data breach or ransomware attack, they can’t afford not to.  

5 Reasons Why Smart Companies Are Making the Switch to Automated Security 

  1. 90% of undetected phishing attacks are discovered in an environment that uses an SEG  
  1. Only 17% of email solutions and SEGs were able to detect previously unknown malware   
  1. Just 34% of standard security tools can spot unknown credential phishing links   
  1. 80% of phishing sites linked in suspicious messages use SSL to bypass threat lists  
  1. Automated email security detects up to 40% more phishing attacks than conventional security or a SEG 

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What Benefits Does a Company Receive from Automated Email Security? 

Automated email security is today’s most efficient and effective defense against email-based cybercrime. It’s also extremely affordable, plus it offers an array of other big benefits. AI-powered, automated email security is superior to conventional security or an old-fashioned SEG in every way. 

Stop Phishing Immediately 

Choosing automated security makes it much less likely that your company will have to face the prospect of a phishing-related cyberattack like ransomware or business email compromise. Automated email security is up to 40% more effective at spotting and stopping malicious messages than a SEG or conventional security. 

Improve Your Cybersecurity Posture 

Security automation is the number one way to reduce a company’s attack surface. Automated security solutions improve your company’s cybersecurity posture in a flash. 42% of companies in an IBM survey cited AI and security automation as a major factor in their success at improving their cybersecurity posture. 

Bolster Your Cyber Resilience 

Unexpected danger and zero-day attacks are around every corner, making cyber resilience critical in today’s tumultuous threat landscape. Almost one-quarter of companies in the IBM/Ponemon Cyber Resilient Organizations Study cited adopting solutions that used AI and machine learning as crucial to improving their cyber resilience.  

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Automation Has Major Incident Response Benefits   

If the worst does happen, your company’s incident response will be faster and cheaper from choosing solutions that utilize AI and security automation. Organizations using respond to breaches nearly 30% faster than companies that don’t have it, and companies investing in automation have a four-fold advantage in stopping a targeted cyberattack.   

The IBM/Ponemon Cost of a Data Breach report reveals the advantages that organizations that embrace automation enjoy. AI-powered security automation is a powerful tool to utilize in incident response, giving businesses big advantages. 

  • With fully deployed security automation, companies averaged 175 days to identify a breach and 59 days to contain it, for a total incident resolution time of 234 days.  
  • Without security automation, companies averaged 228 days to identify a breach and 80 days to contain it, for a total incident resolution time of 308 days.   
  • AI and security automation enabled organizations to respond to breaches nearly 30 percent faster than companies without security automation.  
  • AI reduces the mean response time to a breach by 79% 

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Gain Big Savings in the IT Department with Automation 

AI-driven, automated email security drives down costs and piles up savings throughout your IT department. You’ll quickly notice the huge savings that security automation brings to the table. Security automation and AI can save businesses more than 80% of the cost of manual security. 

Automation makes your Security Operations Center (SOC) more efficient, enabling team members to detect intrusions quickly and increasing caseload capacity by 300% or more. The power of AI also improves your security team’s performance and quality of life by reducing the number of junk alerts they deal with and eliminating tedious manual monitoring and reporting. More than 90% of business leaders say that automation is a must-have to manage large alert volumes with small IT teams. Plus, less phishing means a reduced number of security incidents that the IT department has to investigate – 80% of reported security incidents are phishing-related. 

Business leaders overwhelmingly agree that deploying AI-powered, automated security is like adding another member to your security team without adding to your headcount, especially a hard-to-come-by security professional. Three-quarters of IT professionals agree that automation and AI maximize the efficiency of security staff and the key to alleviating the IT skills shortage, a critical problem that every IT manager faces, especially in today’s competitive job market.  

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Graphus is Fast, Easy and Effective 

Graphus is the affordable email security solution that gives businesses better protection a SEG or conventional email security at a better price. A cloud-based solution that detects and blocks sophisticated email attacks before users see them. A proven winner, Graphus has successfully protected organizations from cyberattacks since 2016. 

Instant Cloud-Native Deployment 

Quickly deployable to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace via API. No big downloads. No lengthy installs. No time-consuming configurations. 

Stronger Security Immediately 

Graphus takes less than 30 minutes to deploy and immediately starts mitigating attacks without manual intervention from IT techs. 

Always-On, Aways Evolving & Always Learning 

Machine learning means that you’re not waiting for manual staff uploads of threat intelligence or safe senders to be protected from new or zero-day threats 

Intuitive Reporting 

Get insights into the effectiveness of your security, level of risks, attack types, and more. Beautifully visualized security data. 

User-Friendly Admin Portal 

Easily monitor for and investigate suspicious messages, adjust settings in seconds and remove malicious emails from all inboxes in one click. 

Stay safe from even the most sophisticated cyberattacks and social engineering scams

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