How AI & Security Automation Can Improve a Company’s Cyber Resilience

January 14, 2022

In today’s rapidly evolving, tumultuous threat landscape It is essential that companies make sensible choices that strengthen their organization’s ability to survive a damaging cybersecurity incident by increasing their cyber resilience. An estimated 60% of businesses that fall victim to a successful cyberattack go out of business within 6 months. But companies that employ AI and security automation benefit from a high cyber resilience, giving them a better chance of survival. 

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IBM defines cyber resilience (called cyber resiliency in the UK) as a crucial component of IT for every modern business. A cyber resilient organization is able to stand in the face of rising threats from a variety of sources like ransomware, employee errors, business email compromise, third party risk and other damaging circumstances.  42% of companies in a cyber resilience survey cited use of AI technology and security automation as a major factor in their success at improving their cybersecurity posture. 

In a cyber resilient company, business operations don’t grind to a halt in the event of a cyberattack. Instead, a cyber resilient organization can weather the storm to continue operating, respond to emergencies and quickly mitigate damage in the event of a cyberattack. Many factors contribute to a company’s cyber resilience like security awareness and incident response planning. But companies may not realize that the adoption of security automation through AI-powered solutions is also a key driver of cyber resilience. 

A report released in MIT’s Sloan Management Review details how cyber resilience and the components that make a business cyber resilient has evolved with cybersecurity. At the top of the list: managing risk and consequently, cyber resilience can no longer be exclusively the responsibility of IT. Following procedures and taking actions that maintain or improve cyber resilience has to become part of every employee’s job, especially when it comes to things like handling email and detecting phishing attempts

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What is the Secret to Building High Cyber Resilience? 

AI and security automation are huge boosters of cyber resilience. A company is more cyber resilient when it employs AI and security automation because its security operations center (SOC) is more efficient, enabling team members to detect intrusions quickly. An average security operations center at a mid-sized company receives about 200,000 security events a day.  That’s a tidal wave that swamps IT departments. By empowering your SOC with AI, many of those alerts disappear and caseload capacity is increased by 300% or more. 

Cyber resilient companies can also find and mitigate problems fast, enabling a faster, more effective response. In the IBM/Ponemon Institute “Cost of a Data Breach 2021” survey, some of thebiggest benefits of always-on AI technology are laid out and its easy to see why AI is a game-changer. AI and security automation enables organizations to respond to breaches nearly 30% faster than companies without security automation. In fact, companies investing in automation have a four-fold advantage in stopping a targeted cyberattack. 

They also identified breaches and remediated them much faster than companies that relied on traditional security solutions. Companies that utilized tools centered on AI and security automation averaged 175 days to identify a breach and 59 days to contain it, for a total incident resolution time of 234 days. Companies that didn’t averaged 228 days to identify a breach and 80 days to contain it, for a total incident resolution time of 308 days. Even better, AI reduced the mean response time to a breach by 79%, a critical advantage when every second counts

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Tips for Improving Cyber Resilience

It’s clear that cyber resilience must be a key priority for every business. But where should you start? This list of steps to take can give businesses a solid starting point for building their cyber resilience.  

  • Automate security processes whenever possible 
  • Leverage AI to improve SOC efficiency 
  • Adopt a zero-trust security model  
  • Determine and define cross-functional responsibilities for keeping data safe  
  • Set and enforce BYOD policies that prioritize information and system security  
  • Make a formal incident response plan with playbooks for every scenario  
  • Drill your incident response plan regularly and adjust it as needed to keep it current  
  • Foster a strong security culture
  • Do not neglect basic maintenance like patching, auditing or configuration  
  • Stay current on the risks that your organization faces 

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AI Strengthens Cyber Resilience As It Improves Email Security 

Almost one-quarter of companies in the IBM/Ponemon Cyber Resilient Organizations Report 2021 cited adopting solutions that used AI and machine learning as crucial to improving their cyber resilience. IBM estimates that 70% of the most cyber-resilient organizations have deployed AI-driven and automated security. Those organizations are using AI to improve their cyber resilience by performing jobs like identifying the threats a company faces, detecting any threats masked as normal activity and taking care of duplicative cybersecurity processes. AI is also ideal for spotting patterns that may not be apparent to humans while analyzing massive chunks of data and traffic – making it ideal for email security. 

Our own research agrees: AI-powered email security is far superior to conventional security or an old-fashioned SEC. We analyzed the performance of other types of email security solutions as well as automated email security in our report on The State of Email Security 2021, and a comparison of the data points uncovers several pertinent facts.

  • 90% of undetected phishing attacks are discovered in an environment that uses an SEG  
  • Only 17% of email solutions and SEGs were able to detect previously unknown malware  
  • A mere 34% of standard security tools could spot unknown credential phishing links  
  • 80% of phishing sites linked in suspicious messages 2020 used SSL to bypass threat lists 
  • Automated email security detects up to 40% more phishing attacks than conventional security or a SEG 

Utilizing AI to eliminate many of the problems that businesses face in today’s complex security landscape makes businesses more cyber resilient, and it’s especially useful for defending against the tsunami of phishing that is swamping businesses. But we’ve known that since 2016, when we launched Graphus. Why choose a solution that they’re still working the kinks out of when you can choose a tested, proven AI-powered automated email security solution that offers superior functionality, reliability and value. 

Stop phishing immediately with Graphus – the most simple, affordable, reliable automated phishing defense available today. 

Graphus can intelligently sort and filter the emails that come into a company’s environment to determine which ones are safe and which ones are suspicious. How does it do that? By using a unique, patented algorithm that fosters machine learning, enabling it to learn each company’s unique communication patterns and refine its judgment criteria all by itself to tailor that company’s protection now and in the future.    

TrustGraph® automatically detects and quarantines malicious emails that might break through an organization’s email security platform or existing Secure Email Gateway (SEG), so the end-user never interacts with harmful messages.   

EmployeeShield® alerts recipients of a potentially suspicious message to danger that they may not notice by placing an interactive warning banner at the top that allows users to quarantine or mark the message as safe with a single click.   

Phish911™ empowers employees to proactively report suspicious and unwanted emails for IT to investigate reducing your exposure to potential disaster.  

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