Machine Learning in Cybersecurity: The Role It Plays

February 18, 2022

What is Machine Learning in Cybersecurity?

HP Enterprise defines machine learning as a sub-category of artificial intelligence that automates the process of data analysis. Through machine learning, computers can engage in analytical model building, allowing machines to gather and process information and adapt to new scenarios independently.

How Does Machine Learning Work?

Machine learning enables a computer to gather and analyze data. As part of that analysis, machine learning identifies patterns, and then uses those insights to help the computer make smart decisions so it can efficiently and accurately complete its assigned task.

What is Machine Learning’s Relationship with AI?

Machine learning is based in algorithms that perform specific functions and are designed to require a range of human or computer supervision to complete tasks. Using machine learning, computers are able to make decisions about the data and ensure that accurate that it is relevant.

What is machine learning’s role in the functioning of AI?

AI removes a degree of human supervision from the analysis process by making specified choices without human help based on a pre-defined algorithm that uses machine learning to function. Machine learning ensures that the AI receives the right data at the right time.

What can machine learning help AI do?

Machine learning helps AI automatically determine what it needs to accomplish a goal, make decisions and take actions that enable it to complete any task that is accomplished by acting within a set of rules, like navigating a robot around a room or detecting a phishing email.

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What is Machine Learning’s Role in Cybersecurity?

Machine learning has revolutionized cybersecurity by enabling smart security automation, which makes security solutions discover anomalies faster and react more efficiently making them more effective.

How do security solutions use machine learning?

Machine learning collects, organizes and structures data, ensuring that AI has the information that it needs to plug into its algorithm. Automated security solutions use that data to establish patterns of normal behavior or function and detect anomalies that could be trouble.

What is machine learning’s relationship with security automation?

Machine learning is a security automation essential. The data that machine learning processes enables the decision-making of the algorithms that automated security solutions use to get the job done. For example, data processed by machine learning enables automated solutions to establish the parameters of normal functioning or behavior.

How Can My Business Benefit from Machine Learning?

Machine learning makes security solutions faster and more effective by gathering the right data to optimize performance while making advanced technology like smart automation more affordable.

The benefits of security automation

Security automation enables organizations to realize many security advantages without expanding their security team. Automated solutions reduce pressure on security teams by taking some routine tasks over. Automation also helps security teams respond to breaches nearly 30% faster than teams at companies without security automation.

Cyber resilience

Machine learning boosts cyber resilience with speedy threat detection and the ability to make choices that keep cyberattack threats away from humans that may accidentally engage with them or misjudge the danger.

Threat detection

Machine learning gives a security solution the ability to collect and process the data needed to detect threats much faster than a human would.  It gives automated solutions an edge because it functions optimally 24/7/365 and is not subject to exhaustion, distraction or social engineering,

Pattern spotting

Pattern spotting is machine learning’s time to shine. Machine learning constantly analyzes data, enabling AI-powered automated security solutions to see anomalies in patterns that could be trouble faster than a human. Machine learning also gathers data about new threats and puts it to work enhancing security faster than a human can.


Security automation and AI can save businesses more than 80% of the cost of manual security by reducing tech time and improving threat detection thanks to machine learning. Smarter solutions are also solutions with a longer lifespan.

Security operations efficiency

If you have a security operations center (SOC), machine learning helps automated solutions make decisions. The data gathered and refined through machine learning enables automated solutions to perform many routine tasks automatically like generating reports and flagging suspicious emails without the need for human input, increasing caseload capacity by 300% or more.  

Reduced IT team stress

Machine learning lets AI-powered security solutions take over the routine tasks that would otherwise occupy a security team’s time like updating threat intelligence or detecting a phishing message. Machine learning also helps automated solutions make judgment calls like determining when a threat is important enough to alert technicians, reducing alert fatigue.

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The Benefits of AI

Machine learning makes automated solutions capable of taking over functions that would traditionally require a person, enabling small security teams to do more work with less stress while providing superior protection from cyberattacks.

Better accuracy in detection of threats

Machine learning makes threat detection faster and more accurate because it enables automated solutions to spot anomalies in collected data that humans can’t see or aren’t expecting to find through its pattern analysis capability.

Zero-day threats recognized

Solutions that detect anomalies on their own don’t need to wait for a human to tell them what to look for by uploading threat intelligence before they spot a new threat. Machine learning enables computers to quickly discover new patterns and use that knowledge to make security choices automatically.

Low upkeep

Machine learning allows computers to take over routine tasks that would be performed by a human tech effectively by helping AI make nuanced decisions. With the data fed to it through machine learning, automated solutions can also take care of many routine maintenance tasks without human assistance reducing the amount of tinkering required by a technician for optimization.

Constant learning

Machine learning never stops gathering, processing and refining data that is used in every aspect of an automated solution’s function. That makes AI-powered solutions faster, smarter and more accurate, allowing them to keep up with the evolution of threats and reducing rapid obsolescence.

How Machine Learning Helps AI Provide Better Email Security

The advantages that smart solutions bring to the table through machine learning give businesses an edge against cybercrime.

Catches more threats

AI-powered email security is smarter email security because machine learning spots patterns faster than people, making it very good at detecting new phishing variations and zero-day threats. That’s why it’s up to 40% more effective at spotting and stopping malicious messages than a SEG or conventional security.    

No threat database updates needed

Machine learning uses pattern detection and analysis to gather and process the data that helps automated solutions make decisions, making sure a security solution is not dependent on static lists of specific criteria uploaded by humans that can quickly become outdated.

No manual configuration

Through machine learning, an AI-driven solution can make routine choices on its own about connections, relationships and settings, enabling it to essentially configure itself.

Refines protection / gets better with time

The data collected is used in machine learning to adjust normal parameters and inform the algorithm, enabling AI to tailor its thinking and operations to provide the right protection. Machine learning makes sure that the solution is getting the right data continuously, giving automated solutions an edge in spotting new threats and adjusting to new situations.

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Why Choose Graphus?

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Advanced Technology / Powerful Protection

The patented Graphus algorithm quickly learns an organization’s unique communication pattern to tailor protection to fit its exact needs, not a general set of rules. TrustGraph reads and analyzes the content of messages using more than 50 points of comparison.  instead of just comparing them to a safe senders list, to detect sophisticated threats.  

Efficiency/Time/Manpower Savings

AI makes decisions and streamlines processes without a technician making Graphus highly efficient with minimal human intervention. Techs receive fewer false alerts, reducing burnout. Machine learning enables Graphus to quickly detect new threats and adjust to a company’s traffic patterns without requiring techs to upload threat reports

Affordability and Simplicity

AI makes having powerful security affordable for every business through security automation. It also makes it easy by streamlining the technology required to provide strong security with no unnecessary bells and whistles, making integrations a snap, operations easy and keeping the price reasonable, providing excellent value.

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