AI-Enabled Doesn’t Mean the Same Thing to Everybody

May 13, 2022

AI is a valuable and revolutionary cybersecurity tool. After all, human error is responsible for an estimated 90% of security breaches according to IBM’s X-Force Threat Intelligence Index. So taking humans out of the equation whenever possible in security is beneficial for reducing risk. That’s a big reason why everyone is talking about their innovative, AI-powered security solutions, including for email security. However, that can be misleading – some “AI-enabled” solutions function more like a SEG or still compare incoming messages against a static database of known threats reported by users without accounting for the detection of new, zero-day threats. But a truly AI-enabled solution doesn’t rely on the same old techniques to discover phishing. Here’s how to determine if the solution you’re considering is really making the most of AI. 

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What to Look for in a Real AI-Enabled Solution 

A powerful AI-enabled email security solution relies on machine learning to power an algorithm that never stops learning, enabling it to make smart security decisions without human intervention while also giving organizations an array of unbeatable advantages. Here are a few things to look for when you’re considering an automated email security solution.

Does it have a self-learning algorithm? 

AI should be able to learn on its own, continuously without human intervention, using machine learning. That’s the secret to spotting a true AI-enabled solution that can get the job done.  

The right solution will offer: 

Thorough message analysis  

The AI feature in an automated solution should do more than compare the incoming message to a list of safe senders or suspicious characteristics; it should be able to perform a thorough analysis of the message’s content, enabling it to spot sophisticated phishing and zero-day threats. 

Constant accuracy improvement 

AI should be constantly improving an email security solution’s accuracy by learning from every analysis it performs, then using that data to make adjustments to the algorithm that tailor protection to suit each company’s unique communication patterns 

A minimal false positive rate 

False positives are timewasters and the bane of IT teams. Respondents in a survey about alert fatigue said that 25% to 75% of the alerts they investigate on a daily basis are false positives, with 15% reporting that more than half of their security alerts are false positives. AI should make an automated solution smart enough to avoid flagging false positives. 

No threat database updates needed 

Why chose an automated solution if you still have to do all of the work? Machine learning should enable a solution to gather threat data and learn to spot new, unexpected threats on its own, saving time, money and headaches. 

Protection from human error by keeping threats away from users 

A truly AI-enabled solution will spot and stop the vast majority of phishing messages before they reach a user’s inbox reliably, keeping dangerous messages away from potentially error-prone humans. Human error is responsible for an estimated 90% of security breaches according to IBM’s X-Force Threat Intelligence Index. 

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Does it place prominent warning banners on unexpected messages that need extra care in handling? 

Communication patterns evolve with every organization.  But sometimes a message that’s an anomaly in the pattern isn’t the result of evolution. Instead, its phishing – and alerting email recipients that a message should be carefully handled could save their organization from a cyberattack.  

The right solution will offer: 

Alerts to users of potential danger with warnings at the top of unexpected messages 

Sophisticated phishing threats are tricky to spot. A shocking 97% of users cannot detect a sophisticated phishing message. Placing automated warning banners atop unexpected messages that might be phishing reduces the danger of a sophisticated attack slipping past a user’s defenses.  

Tools to help users make better decisions 

Even security-savvy users will sometimes make bad decisions about handling email, especially if they’re distracted or stressed – 45% of employees click emails they consider to be suspicious “just in case it’s important.” A prominent warning banner helps alert them to potential trouble that they may have missed. 

An easy way to report a phishing attempt or mark a message as safe 

Making it easy for users to report a suspicious message makes it more likely that they’ll actually do it, giving the algorithm and the IT team important threat data – 45% of employees never report suspicious messages to IT for review.  

AI that gains knowledge and accuracy from every user interaction 

AI ensures that a solution learns from each analysis and user interaction. This enables the algorithm to become more precise and more attuned to each organization’s needs, providing protection that just keeps getting better over time.  

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Does the solution give you a way to quickly stop an attack in its tracks? 

An email security solution should make it easy for users to report a suspicious message, then act quickly on its own to isolate and quarantine a message from all recipients on its own, holding it until IT personnel can take a closer look.  

The right solution will offer: 

Fast accurate alerts to IT staffers 
Smart solutions can determine when it’s time to notify the IT team that there’s a problem accurately, keeping threats away from employees and getting them in front of the right eyes safely without flooding the IT team with junk alerts.  

AI-Powered Automated Email Security Has Big Business Benefits 

Automated, AI-driven security is the future because it offers big behind-the-scenes benefits for organizations too. Look for a solution that offers: 

An efficiency boost and time savings 

–  76 % of IT executives in a cybersecurity survey said that automation and AI maximized the efficiency of security staff. They’re right – using automated security reduces trouble tickets by about 80% and increases the caseload capacity of a SOC by 300% or more

Productivity tools that make administration easy 

Automation really helps improve productivity, making IT professionals’ work lives easier and less stressful right away. That’s why 46% of IT professionals believe that AI and automation is the key to alleviating the IT skills shortage. 

Intuitive reporting  

Sharing email security metrics with leadership or clients shouldn’t be hard, but some solutions make it a challenge. Solve that problem by choosing a solution that makes it easy to generate clear, easy-to-understand reports that convey a comprehensive view of an organization’s email security posture. 

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Graphus Puts Strong Protection in Reach for Everyone 

You might think that high-quality, AI-powered automated email security is expensive and something that’s only possible for big companies. That may have been true years ago, but that’s not the case anymore. The best solutions are both powerful and affordable. Advances in AI technology have been the key that unlocks the door to affordable security improvements through automation for companies of any size.  

Why Should You Consider Graphus? 

Graphus is truly AI-enabled. AI leverages machine earning to give organizations real smart, automated email security that can spot zero-day threats and new attacks on its own with fewer false positives.  Automation and AI go hand in hand to reduce the workload of IT staffers and make cloud email systems safer without taxing an organization’s resources. 

  • TrustGraph automatically detects and quarantines malicious emails that might break through a SEG or built-in email security, stopping sophisticated email attacks before users see them. 
  • EmployeeShield places an interactive warning banner at the top of unexpected messages, making it simple for users to quarantine or mark the message as safe – and if a user marks a message as suspicious, it’s removed from everyone’s inbox and quarantined for IT investigation. 
  • Phish911 empowers employees to proactively report suspicious and unwanted emails for IT to investigate with just one click, reducing your exposure to potential disaster 
  • Gain insight into the effectiveness of security measures, level of risks, attack types and more fast with beautifully visualized security data. 

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