10 Facts About Social Engineering That You Need to Know

June 10, 2021

Social engineering is the formal name for the psychology of persuading people to feel the need to take certain actions. It’s the way that advertisers convince you that a certain brand of jeans is cooler than another. Or how public health campaigns remind you to get your flu shot. In cybersecurity, social engineering is considerably more sinister – and the domain of cybercriminals who perpetrate phishing attacks. Bad actors use all sorts of psychological tricks to lure their victims into opening dodgy emails, clicking suspicious links, handing over passwords, downloading sketchy attachments and engaging in other unsafe behaviors that can put your business at risk of damaging disasters like ransomware. These 10 facts about social engineering paint a picture of how it influences cybercrime and what you can do to protect your business from the trouble it can bring in its wake.

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10 Facts About Social Engineering That Tell the Tale of This Threat

  • The number one type of social engineering attack is phishing. 
  • 43% of IT professionals say they have been targeted by social engineering in the last year. 
  • Social engineering attacks are responsible for 93% of successful data breaches
  • 45% of employees click emails they consider to be suspicious “just in case it’s important.” 
  • 71% of IT professionals say they’ve experienced employees falling for a social engineering attack.  
  • On average, social engineering attacks cost $130,000  
  • 60% of IT professionals cite recent hires as being at high risk for social engineering tricks. 
  • 45% of employees don’t report suspicious messages out of fear of getting in trouble  
  • Socially engineered cyberattacks are just under 80% effective. 
  • The costliest socially engineered cyberattack is business email compromise – its 64 times worse than ransomware!
    ✎ EditSign is the costliest cybercrime.   

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EmployeeShield slips into place when a new line of communication comes into your business, adding a bright, noticeable box that warns employees to use caution when handling the message. This empowers every staffer to join your security team by marking a new message safe or quarantining it with one click for administrator inspection.  

Phish911 completes your triple-layered protection by making it easy and painless for employees to report any suspicious message that they receive to an administrator for help. When an employee reports a suspicious message. it is immediately removed from everyone’s inbox to prevent further trouble.

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